- Allison -

"I used Gotcha Packed for a spring trip to Spain. The clothing options and accessories were perfectly selected for the activities I mentioned when I submitted my request. Knowing they use sustainable and women-owned companies made it even better. I loved that all of the options were super versatile and could be mixed and matched.

I’d highly recommend Gotcha Packed - such a fun and easy way to prepare for your next travel destination!"

Mexico City

- Robin -

"When I booked my trip to Mexico City I immediately started to panic that I didn't have any clothes. I LOVED every outfit that was picked out for me and it all fit so well. 


One of the nice things about the service is that Gotcha Packed sends you a "Look Book" on your phone that you can refer to each morning so you can remember how to combine things. It made packing super easy, made me feel happy and confident everyday."


Stephanie -

"I travel a lot, both for work and pleasure, and my least favorite thing about traveling is packing. I used Gotcha Packed for work trips to help me feel more stylish than what I typically wear into the office. I love how the outfits are designed specifically for the trip. Can’t recommend these guys enough!"


- Travis -

"There’s only one thing I hate about traveling and that’s packing.  Especially when traveling to unfamiliar places.  I loved how they tailor the outfits to my preferences and destination.  It was super easy and, for the first time ever, I was actually excited about packing and dressing in style when I arrived."


- Ansley -

"I used Gotcha Packed for 14-day trip to Europe and absolutely loved the experience! I usually buy new clothes when I go on a trip, but they did all of the work for me.


Receiving their package was the greatest part of the whole experience - all the clothes were organized into outfits and perfectly selected for each part of the trip.


Even better, every piece that I purchased I have been able to wear again in my real life! I can't recommend Gotcha Packed enough for anyone traveling."

New York City

- Jess -

"I had Gotcha Packed style me for a business trip to New York last year. My usual, laid-back style was not up to the task of pitching to investors and meeting with potential clients.


The outfits Gotcha Packed selected for me exceeded my expectations and are still the best items in my closet. Any time I need to look nice for an interview or meeting, I grab one of my Gotcha Packed outfits- I even wore one at my wedding rehearsal dinner.


I've tried Stitch Fix in the past and never kept a single item. Gotcha Packed felt so much more curated and personalized to match my style and business trip requirements. I will definitely be back for more! "


- Courtney -



- Emily -

"I was in China for a work trip and decided to head to Thailand for some fun. I had no clue what to wear in a country I had never been to, so I was referred to Gotcha Packed from a friend and couldn’t have been happier!


I was amazed at how well she knew the style and dress codes of Thailand. The people I was traveling with would get so excited to see every outfit that Gotcha Packed put together for me. The best part was the clothes were very versatile which allowed me to continue to wear them all at home as well.


I would highly recommend Gotcha Packed for your next trip (or even staycation)- they are easy to work with and took all the stress out of looking great while traveling. I can’t wait to use them again on my next trip!"



- Cincinnati -

Coming Soon.

Las Vegas

- Jasmine -

I used Gotcha Packed for a work trip to Vegas. It was super hot in the middle of summer so I needed outfits that were appropriate for conference centers but transitional to stay cool once work was over. I felt confident and comfortable in everything they sent!"


- Margo -

"Gotcha Packed is like having a best friend help you pack! I used them to get me ready for a two-week family trip to Paris, France and Moscow. When you have to think about getting your two kids and a husband ready, packing for yourself comes last.


The website was very easy to navigate and the selections were great, comfy and stylish. I kept many items that not only worked great on my trip but that I get to enjoy in my everyday life."


- Elyse -

"Gotcha Packed was a big win for me, when they packed for my trip to Aruba.  It wasn’t just a vacation, as I was going for a wedding and had limited space in my carryon.  


They provided step-by-step guidance on how to mix and match pieces, along with which pieces to wear at which event.  It was great because nothing wrinkled and I got tons of compliments on my outfits!"


- Courtney -

"My husband and I traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia with a stopover in Dubai.  Gotcha Packed provided me with cute comfortable options for everything from the plane to the street markets.


Chelsea listened to my feedback about style preferences as well as areas I'm insecure about. I felt confident I was dressed according to the different cultures as well. I would highly recommend Gotcha Packed for anyone who wants some help getting excited about looking great on vacation. "

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