Ivy Earrings

Ivy Earrings


Gorgeous soft deerskin leather in light taupe makes a stunning statement with all your spring outfits. Like this style? Make sure to check out the Callie Earrings and Thea Earrings for more color options! Brass hooks and wrapping. 

Size: 3.25"

Handmade by Vi Bella artisans in Haiti

  • Maker's Story

    Vi Bella is a job-creation accessories company passionate about providing a path out of poverty in impoverished areas of Haiti and Mexico. Vi Bella was started in response to a trip our Founder/CEO took to Haiti, shortly after an earthquake killed many and left others homeless, disabled, and hungry. She witnessed the extreme poverty many Haitians face; poverty which often leads parents to relinquish the care of their children to orphanages to meet their basic needs. She created Vi Bella to empower the people of Haiti to walk out of poverty through life-changing employment in a safe and encouraging work environment. But our story doesn't stop in Haiti. With two centers operational there, Vi Bella expanded to the small village of Pesqueria, Mexico. In 2017, we aquired a talented sewing team, many of whom are amputee victims from the earthquake of 2010 or members of a near-by deaf community, and started offering beautiful sewn goods. The Vi Bella story has grown to provide employment, education, and opportunity to more than 60 artisans in Haiti, Mexico, and right here in the United States. We know that preparing future generations is vital to the country's success, so we provide school scholarships and after-school programs for our artisans' children. Vi Bella strives to use sustainable, upcycled, and recycled materials in our designs, such as seeds, nuts, paper, and discarded plastic bottles found around our centers, cleaning up the communities in which we work.

Est. 2019