What to Pack for Your Beach Honeymoon

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

First off - Congratulations on your new union! Being a newlywed is so exciting, and when you venture off for your honeymoon, milk it for all its worth. Trust us - you’ll be treated like royalty and everyone will be so happy for you during your stay!

When you’re packing for your romantic getaway, embrace looking and feeling sexy while you’re there. Show a little skin. Ask what colors and styles your partner likes you best in and flaunt those every day!

Depending if you’re a couple who likes to be adventurous and explore, or a couple who likes to lounge and get pampered, your packing list will certainly vary. Even if you're traveling to a beach or tropical location, we always suggest checking the weather and seasonal changes of your destination since some places can still be rainy and cold. Here’s our list of the main staples everyone could use for your exotic lovers excursion!

1. Maximize the Maxi Dress and Pack Up the Slacks

A long black fitted maxi dress can either be dressed up or down and can be mixed and matched with any colorful shoes, jewelry or shaw cover up. It’s sexy, but will keep you warm if you’re venturing out for a romantic dinner. Keeping it maxi length can appeal to more conservative locations if need be, and will keep your dress from flying up against the ocean breeze.

If you don't prefer dresses, this is your chance to look dapper, so pack a pair of long grey or black neutral colored slacks to wear out for a nice dinner. You can wear these with a nice button down shirt in any color or pattern to maximize the space in your suitcase!

2. All in White

The color white is flattering against almost any sun kissed body and is a reflection of your wedding day. Pack a few fresh white tank tops or crew neck tight fitted tshirts to tuck into linen pants or skirts, which can be mixed and matched with patterned bottoms and colorful jewelry. A soft angelic white dress is also a must. This can also be dressed up or down for daytime or evening wear. Again, if dresses aren't your thing, pack a white linen button up to pair with colorful pants that will reflect the beauty of your tropical destination.

Keep it simple and sexy with this Sage Maxi Dress from The Handloom

3. Heels for Days

If you’re comfortable in heels, now is the time to pack them up! Although not every beach is practical for heels, and a long day touring the town can make anyones feet hurt, but pack at least one wedge heel for your romantic evenings out. Wedges will help your legs appear longer and creates a little extra sex appeal while still providing comfort and support. Wedges look great with short shorts and any length skirt, so you can pair them with any outfit.

4. Keep it Sexy

It’s your honeymoon, so now is the time to feel your sexiest! Pack your most flattering pieces, and show a little skin with some shorter shorts and tighter shirts if it’s culturally appropriate for your destination. Everyone feels sexy in different things, so whatever you or your partner feel most confident in will be best.

Your honeymoon is also the time to surprise your partner with some new lingerie or a sexy new bathing suit. If you’re going to a tropical location where there’s a beach or a resort, you may want to pack a few suits and worry a little less about an actual wardrobe. People always end up spending more of the day in their bathing suit than they realize and pack way more than they need!

5. Bright and New

It’s your honeymoon, which means it’s okay to treat yourself a bit! Splurge on slightly nicer attire than you’re used to while you’re getting packed up. You’ll have these pictures forever, so leave behind that old t-shirt and opt for a bright new wardrobe that's crisp and fresh. You’ll feel better about yourself and it’s fun to feel a little fancier than usual on this special occasion. We also suggest leaving a little room in your suitcase to purchase a few souvenirs while you're there! Visit the local market places and try on a new pieces with your new life partner!

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