What to Pack for the Holidays

Dressy and cozy style tips for celebrating the holidays

This holiday season may look a little different this year with COVID numbers on the rise once again. Some of you may be keeping our holiday small and intimate with your immediate families or closest friends. Some of you may be road-tripping 12 hours to see loved ones when last year the holidays were a quick flight away. Regardless of how different this holiday may feel, there are small steps we can take to help make this year feel as normal as possible. Our advice? Stick with as many traditions that you can still do - decorate your tree and bake cookies. Watch all your favorite movies. And our personal favorite, get a little dressed up for a fancy night in! Whether you're traveling home for the holiday or staying home, here are our tips on what to pack and what to wear this season.

Our Top 3 Items to Pack for the Holidays:

Must Have #1: Sweaters

It's BEST way to look cute and still eat all the goodies you could ever want! Sweaters are a must. The great part about sweaters? They can dressed down for a casual look with leggings and slippers if you're lounging around at home with family, or they can be paired with faux leather leggings or jeans and booties for a dressier style.

Sometimes it's best to pack neutral colored sweaters so you can mix and match and make the most out of your suitcase space. An easy way to spice up your neutral tones and make your outfit more festive is to throw in some red, gold, green accessories such as scarves and jewelry.

Since sweaters are bulky and can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, be sure to roll sweaters nice and tight to save some space. Another space saver - make sure the sweaters are on the outside of the roll, with smaller items like t-shirts and tank tops on the inside of your packing roll.

Must Have #2: Jeans

This may be an obvious choice... everyone needs pants. Or do they?! ;) BUT deciding which ones to pack and how many is always the hold up. In order to have the option of staying cozy and comfortable AND the option of dressing up, jeans are a great addition to the holiday wardrobe. The trick is, have a range of colors. If you have two pairs of the same shade, only pick one!

Denim is a great warm material that will help keep your outfits versatile. Jeans and a soft hoodie to be comfy, or jeans and a nice satin blouse for Christmas eve night. Pack a black pair, a dark blue pair, and a light pair. Any more than that, you're wasting space in your bag. If jeans aren't your preference, two of our other favorite additions to the pant game are joggers and leggings. Best part... they can double as PJ's! To dress them up, pair leggings with tall heel boots and a sweater dress and joggers with booties and a nice button down tucked in.

Must Have #3: Booties

What shoes to pack is also a tough choice, especially in the winter since all the shoe options are heavy and bulky! If you're flying this year, be sure to wear your tallest heaviest boots on the plane. Our staple shoe this year are short flat boots (sometimes known as the Chelsea boot). They're comfortable, warm and very versatile (can you tell that's our theme here?) Pack a casual pair and a black dressy pair with a little heel.

We hope these style and packing tips help ease any stress of the holiday season. For more style tips, visit us at www.gotchapacked.com and email us at info@gotchapacked.com. Want to try a "Gotcha Packed for the holidays" style box? Fill out your style quiz or visit our Gift Card page for an awesome holiday gift idea! We hope everyone has an amazing holiday season. Of course, stay safe and rock your best festive mask while traveling!

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