What to Pack for The Greenbrier

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway rich in both history and class – then the Greenbrier is the perfect option.

The culture and environment embody that old money feel – so be prepared to dress to impress. Jeans are frowned upon and don’t even think about wearing sneakers during high tea.

Settled in the hills of West Virginia, even the drive through beautiful the mountains can feel therapeutic. Driving up to the Greenbrier, you'll be greeted by old bellhops who have worked there for 50 years. The conformity to the old styles and traditions is just part of the experience, so embrace it!

Here are some tips to make sure you look and feel first class.

Tip #1: Gentlemen – suit up.

Among the variety of fancy activities you can find at the Greenbrier, gambling in the casino is one of the most popular. In order to get through the casino door, make sure to bring a suit jacket. It’s a strict requirement – I actually saw men get turned away who didn't have one! Try this sexy wool three piece suit that would look perfect with a Manhattan cocktail by the lobby fireplace.

Tip #2: Pack a pop of color

Designed by the infamous Dorothy Draper, the interiors of the Greenbrier are unlike any other. You'll see a fun mix of carpet and wallpaper patterns, and an even brighter use of color. We love embracing the style of our destinations through fashion, that's why we suggest bringing a few pops of greens, reds, blues and pinks to reflect the bright classy halls of this historic resort.

Tip #3: Bring athletic wear and a swimsuit

The southern hospitality of the Greenbrier is unmatched, but getting out for a hike in the wooded trails can be equally revitalizing. Make sure to take advantage of all the outdoor activities they have to offer, including horseback riding, golfing, archery, four wheeling, and the list goes on. With the variety of unique activities available, the packing list could vary greatly. Pick out a couple must do's and pack accordingly. Only one things for sure, bring your swimsuit for an afternoon at their stunning indoor pool.

Tip #4: Keep it modest

Since we're embracing old southern money with this destination, they prefer guests to wear modest clothing. That means ladies, keep the skirts to a proper knee length height and cover the shoulders with a nice cardigan or wrap scarf. And gents, no muscle tees please!

Tip #5: Fancy dress for tea time

Every day around 4:00, the lobby brings out an assortment of delicate treats along with the most delicious southern tea you'll ever have. Tea time was so fun! For this activity, it's encouraged to dress up while you sip and chat before dinner is ready. If there was ever a time to put on your southern bell attire, now is your chance. Think Banana Republic meets Lily Pulitzer and you'll be all set. Men, don't be afraid of color either. Put on a button down with a sweater and slacks. Pinkies up!

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