What to Pack for Thailand

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Whether you’re spending your day snorkeling around the Phi Phi Islands, touring the ancient Temple of Buddha, or dancing at a rave along the beach of Patong, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 packing tips for your trip to Thailand.

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular vacation destinations lately, and has an amazing vibrant culture that will allow you to sport a variety of comfortable styles during your stay.

1. Dress modestly:

If you’re touring Thailand, a common misconception is to pack ideal clothing for hot and humid climates such as tank tops and shorts. That is actually not the case for Thailand. Locals dress pretty modestly and it can even be considered offensive to show your shoulders or thighs, whether you're a woman or a man. Ladies, cover up that cleavage too, especially if you’re visiting the smaller towns and temples. Instead, we suggest you pack lightweight clothing that will cover you up but still keep you cool. Try packing long beach dresses, or a maxi skirt tucked into a loose crew neck shirt. Guys, we suggest you try long linen beach pants and a loose button up collared short sleeve shirt.

Pack a soft loose cotton blend dress to hide the sweat and keep you cool

2. Slip on Shoes:

It is culturally appropriate to remove your shoes before entering locals homes or temples, so shoes that you can slip on and off are the best way to go! Sandals or flats are a great option or anything without laces. Hiking boots will make your feet feel like they’re on fire and heels won't be practical for the uneven sidewalks and stone steps. Thailand also often attract visitors with a bohemian lifestyle where bare feet are embraced. Unfortunately locals tend to find it offensive to walk barefoot anywhere outside of the beach. Luckily, there's tons of great options for comfortable bohemian sandals and flats that will keep you cool and prevent blisters in the heat.

Pack shoes that are easy to walk in but also easy to slip on and off

3. Cover ups:

Since Thailand is a Buddhist country and people dress more conservatively, we suggest packing a lightweight cardigan, or a soft shaw over your sundress for a quick and easy way to cover up without boiling up. One of the best things to do while you’re in Thailand is relax at the beach, so be sure to pack a long cover up over your bathing suit for a seamless adventure into town without having to go back to your hotel to change.

A lightweight scarf is the best multi functional accessory - serving as a shaw or cover up and can keep you warm in the evenings

4. Sweat and Wrinkle Free Fabrics:

Thailand has three key seasons to keep in mind while packing- their hot season from March to May, their rainy season from May to October, and their dry cool season from November to February. The best materials to pack for the hot season would be natural fabrics such as silk and linen. Also, polyester blends are known for being sweat proof and quick-drying. A bonus to these materials is they usually stay wrinkle free after packing!

Pack long linen attire to keep your suitcase light and your body comfortable

5. Patterns and Color:

When you’re exploring Thailand, you’ll discover the ornate bohemian patterns and natural colors of the landscape and mossy temples. Locals have incorporated the reflections of their surrounding in their clothing which is one of our favorite things to capture. We suggest packing modest colors such as neutrals of black and beige with hints of green.

Pack gold accents in your jewelry and clothing embellishments

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