What to Pack for St. Lucia

When you land in St. Lucia, you’re landing in what is quite literally paradise. Here’s what to pack for your luxurious, adventurous, or relaxing stay in the caribbean.

Imagine the dreamiest turquoise water butting up against the softest sand, with lush jungle and island hills in the distance. Get ready to relax on the beach with a St. Lucia Rum Punch in hand.

Tip #1: Research Heat and Rain

St. Lucia is located in the Caribbean, so pay attention to the time of year you’re traveling there, otherwise you’ll get hit with monsoons during their rainy season from June through November. Is that’s the case, pack some lightweight fabrics with quick drying materials and waterproof sandals.

The hottest time of year is going to be the typical summer months of June through August. For some people, sweating all day in the blistering heat is enjoyable, but not for most. If you want to get the most out of the day without feeling drenched or sunburnt, trying going early in the year between December and May. You’ll still feel the sunshine and escape the snow, but the weather will be more moderate and manageable. In these months, pack a scarf, shaw, or lightweight jacket for the cool evening ocean breeze.

Tip #2: Get your color on

St. Lucia’s background is French Creole and African, which means you can get a little fun with color there. From the bright greenery of the islands to the turquoise colors of the water, you’ll see locals wearing bright colors with tropical patterns. Pack a few neutral colors like beige and white, but feel free to add in a turquoise necklace or a pop of hot pink, salmon or yellow throughout the tropical floral patterns of your dresses.

Men, now is the chance to pack a lightweight button up from Tommy Bahama or your preppier stores like JCrew, which will provide fun colors and patterns but will still help you to feel nice and elegant for those romantic beach dinners.

Tip #3: The Staple Pieces

In order to honor the natural colors of St. Lucia, pack a maxi dress or romper in a white or light beige that will allow you to dress up with a wedge heel or jewelry or down with a flat sandal and a beach hat, depending on the occasion. These are staple items great for any tropical vacation in order to accessorize with colorful jewelry or lightweight kimonos.

As for shoe staple pieces, we always preach that comfort is key. For a relaxed atmosphere like St. Lucia, pack a few sandals with a little character to do the trick. A tan pair and a colorful pair, then throw in a low heel or a wedge sandal for your dressy evenings out.

No need to pack any black pieces for this colorful vacation.

Tip #4: A fashionable Tote and a Cover Up

Beach bags don’t have to necessarily be made or straw or plastic. There’s a wide variety of fashionable totes available to add a little style to your beach look. These higher quality tote bags can also be more versatile for you to use back home after your getaway. Same goes for a beach cover up. These may serve a more specific purpose, but no need to skimp on the style and quality of your cover ups. For a soft romantic style that can go with any colorful swimsuit, try these soft majestic kaftan kimono from The Handloom.

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