What to Pack for Spain

Whether you’re observing the majestic Basilica in Barcelona, sipping wine in Grenada, or trekking around the Puente de Toledo in Madrid, we have all the styles and packing tips for your trip to Spain.

Depending on what city you’re traveling to in Spain, the styles and dress codes can be very different. Pay attention to the climate and terrain of the area in order to know what to pack for each stop

1. Destination Dress Codes:

In Madrid, people are much more sophisticated and classy in their outfit choices. You’re in the central city, so coastal beach attire isn’t really what you’ll see. Think tailored and chic for Madrid. A little black sundress and a colorful silky scarf will do just the trick.

Galicia on the other hand, is in fact coastal, with lots of hills and lots of rain. Here you can get away with being a bit more rugged and casual, with hiking boots and a backpack. However always keep in mind the activity you’ll be doing while you’re there. For instance if you’re wine tasting in Galicia, feel free to get a little dressier and ditch the hiking gear.

Barcelona is such a fun, vibrant city where you can be both classy and sexy. People in Barcelona aren’t afraid to sport very stylish attire and a little skin, fashioned off higher end European cities.

2. Proper footwear:

No matter which city you’re visiting in Spain, a safe bet is to pack neutral, comfortable, and supportive flats or strap sandals. Some of the best attractions in Spain require a lot of walking, whether it be food and wine tours, or gazing at the ancient cathedrals throughout the city, you’ll want your feet to be able to keep up.

Supportive neutral flats will go great with every outfit, will be appropriate for any city in Spain, and will allow you to explore all day long.

If you’re going out on the town, Spanish nightlife allows you to get a little bold. Don’t be afraid to rock some heels if you want to dress it up but keep it practical. Remember, Spain parties hard and clubs and bars sometimes don't get started until 2am. Pack some black strap wedges, a low chunky heel with some color or pattern to it, or anything with metallic. This will give your heels an extra pop and allow you to dance all night.

3. Layer Up:

It’s a common misconception that Spain is always warm. Check the weather before you go! A great thing about the Gotcha Packed service is we do all the research for you on what is appropriate for that time of year as well as cultural dress codes.

If you’re traveling in the winter or fall months, be sure to pack lots of layers. Neutral outerwear that you can mix and match is always smart, but if you want to show off a little style, try a furry funky vest, a black leather jacket, or a colorful bomber jacket - all of which would be perfect for Barcelona. For Madrid, pack a sleek shaw or a tailored blazer with jeans. Nothing too bulky or intense, just a few pieces with a little edge.

If you’re vacationing in the summer months, things can get pretty heated. Lightweight tank tops, breezy skirts, or high waisted colorful shorts will go a long way.

4. Bright Colors mixed with Black:

Spain is bright and colorful, and one of our favorite things to do is style our customers based off the vibe and culture of their destination. Spanish women, especially, typically dress to the nines and aren’t afraid to show a little sass in their outfits. Yes, you can get away with dressing modest and toned down, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do! We love mixing in warm bright colors such as reds and yellows and pairing them with black. Another fun way to celebrate the culture is playing with patterns. Try lots of florals in your tops to mix and match with solid bottoms or scarves.

5. Backpack and Pack Light:

When I traveled to Spain with my family, we visited Barcelona and Sitges. The thing I remember most about the long windy walk from the train to our Airbnb was - I wish I didn’t have this rolling suitcase on these cobblestone streets! Spain can be a luxurious vacation no doubt, but part of the stress of traveling is actually arriving to your destination in a comfortable manor. A huge part of this is packing light, and allowing yourself to be easily mobile.

Luckily, there’s fabulously trendy backpacks out there that go just as great with a classy style than a clunky suitcase. A nice duffle bag that you can throw over your back would work even better in other hiking cities like Galicia.

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