What to Pack for Portland

With the most glorious scenery and a full spectrum of weather, get ready to tour one of the weirdest cities in America, and they're proud of it.

Whether you're trekking around Multnomah Falls, enjoying the misty breeze along the sandy coast, or taking the Aerial Tram for a food tour around the city, you'll be sure to need a few key items when you pack.

Tip #1: Stay Dry

Unfortunately it can be difficult to pack and prepare for all types of weather, and with Portland, you're going to experience the full range. For destinations like this, it's best to dress in layers so you can shed a jacket to throw in your pack if needed. The most consistent weather pattern will be light rain, so be sure to bring a water proof jacket while you're out exploring. The biggest misconception is that rain jackets have to be sporty - not the case! Check out our favorite trench coat from Everlane.

Tip #2: Leggings for all occasions

Leggings and yoga pants don't always have to be for active or leisure events. If you're hiking the Portland mountains surrounding the city, yoga pants and a rain jacket may be the most common thing you see. But if you want that perfect Instagram shot in front of some epic scenery, don't be afraid to dress it up a bit by pairing your leggings with a stretchy sweater dress and rain boots. We love Madewell for their fair trade practices and sustainability goals. Try their woven leggings to dress up or down for any activity in Portland!

Tip #3: Avoid damp socks, it's the worst.

Shoes are always a tricky item to pack. They're heavy and bulky, and often times you want to pack a few pairs to go with a variety of styles and outfits. Our best tip is to pack two - one casual/sporty and one dressy. Sometimes one pair can be used for both dressy and casual styles like the trendy white gym shoe and dress combo. Save room in your suitcase with two neutral pairs that can be versatile. For Portland, you're going to want to avoid damp feet while you're out exploring so pack shoes made of rubber or oil based leather. We love Nisolo for the unique stories behind their shoes and their responsible sourcing. The Men's Andres all weather boot is the perfect solution for a Portland trip - handmade in an ethical, family-run factory in León, Mexico.

Tip #4: Pack it up

In order to be comfortable site seeing, a backpack is the best way to go. Throw your layers, wallet and camera in a stylish pack and be on your way. Men and women can both rock a backpack, you don't necessarily need to be hiking. They're a must have for any adventure - rustic or luxurious.

Happy traveling! Keep Portland weird and always remember -

Travel fashionably | Dress ethically.

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