What to Pack for Ireland

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

While trekking through the Irish countryside, you’ll be happy to know that locals dress fairly casual and neutral, so there’s not as much pressure to look high fashion as some other places in Europe! Here’s our list of packing tips to be comfortable and to make the most out of your suitcase. Slainte!

Two years ago we had the privilege of traveling to the rolling green hills of Ireland. The people were just as friendly as everyone describes, with just as much magic in the misty air as you would expect.

1. Rain Rain Go Away

We visited Ireland in March and toured mostly along the east and west coasts. While the weather in Ireland is mild, it is definitely misty from what we experienced. If you’re visiting the souther part of the country, the sun will be shining, but you still won’t regret packing a rain jacket and rain boots. We trekked through the mud while touring the Cliffs of Moher, and almost every day was a little cloudy with light showers.

2. Layer Up

You’ll see highs of 70 and lows of 40, but rarely does it snow or get to the point where you’re sweating. You’ll find layers to be helpful as the temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day. Pack a nice tank top and a flannel button down, or a soft cardigan over casual jeans. No need to wear super bulky warm attire, plus you’ll save room in your suitcase!

3. Shoes

We mentioned packing a pair of waterproof shoes for trekking through the countryside or walking the cobblestone streets on a rainy day. You also may want to throw in a pair of nice leather brown riding boots that you can dress up or down and will still protect you from any sneaky puddles. If you’re visiting Ireland in the summer, a comfortable pair of neutral flats is all you need!

4. Keep it Neutral

Ireland isn’t a tropical climate, and besides it’s lush greenery, you’ll mostly see mossy old stone walls and authentic wooden pubs. This means fall color schemes or neutral colors with pops of deep greens and reds is all you’ll need to feel right at home in Ireland. Try dark blue or black jeans with a cream sweater and a plaid scarf, or a rustic green jacket with a black under shirt and a lighter pair of jeans. This will make it easy to mix and match your items while still getting a whole new look every day out of only 6 neutral pieces!

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