What to Pack for Denver

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

With fresh clean air and sun shining down on the mountains just beyond the city, Denver is an amazing place to visit. You’ll find a plethora of industrial breweries, new modern living spaces, and locals who sport outdoorsy styles all day long.

When you’re packing for Denver, don’t overdo it. Keep it comfortable and casual in the most laid back city in America.

Tip #1 Embrace the Rugged

If you’re typically a nicer dresser, now is the time to let your hair down. If you’re going “out on the town” in Denver, you’ll simply find people rocking some Patagonia gear, jeans and lightweight jackets, so leave your stilettos at home. Most locals are very active, with muddy SUV’s ready to tackle the beautiful mountains at any given moment. Depending on what activities you’re planning while visiting Denver, pack at least one pair of yoga pants or leggings, a zip up hoodie and supportive walking shoes.

If you're in Denver for the rugged terrain, one of our favorite spots we checked out was the New Terrain Brewery just outside the city. There you'll find a large fenced in dog park where the animals can play and roam free while dog parents have a beer and enjoy the mountain view.

Tip #2 Bring Your Earth Tones

The Denver colors we saw around town often reflect the mountains and nature surrounding the city. Pack your army greens, navy blues, reds and browns in order to embrace Denver’s culture and natural vibes. You can mix and match your earth tones while tying in some patterns with plaid. Try pairing a basic jean with a neutral top and a pop of earth tones in your shoes. Our favorites are Merrell, Teva, or Miz Mooz for the comfiest stylish shoe options!

Tip #3 Keep It Casual Yet Stylish

There’s a way to be comfortable and still look put together. We’re stylists after all, so if we’re packing for you, we’ll incorporate a comfortable natural look with a little hint of polished style. Pair a muted earth toned pant with a simple graphic t-shirt with a light jacket. Or try a pair of distressed jeans, vegan leather flats or ankle boots, and a fitted crew neck sweatshirt to help you transition from a peaceful hike in the woods to the chill social scene at the breweries.

For some insight into Denver style, check out some of the boutiques on 32nd Street like Groovy Jane or the shops in Jefferson Park like the Fifth and Hudson boutique!

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