Top 3 Tips for What to Wear on a Zoom Interview

Let's face it, a face to face interview nowadays is rare. Zoom meetings and interviews may very well be the protocol for the unforeseen future. They're a great way to cut down on travel costs for companies, but sometimes Zoom calls make it difficult to feel like you're really connecting.

With the new norms of COVID life, we're lacking personal connection with the outside world and our coworkers. For that reason, we have to figure out creative ways to get to know each other again, and if you're in an interview, you especially have to make sure you shine through the camera. So here are our 3 tips on what to wear during a Zoom interview so you can be memorable and make your best impression.

Tip #1 Dress for the company culture:

It's important to first understand the culture of the company you're interviewing with. Do your research to see what kind of vibe they would normally have in the office. "Dressy" attire or "business casual" can certainly mean different things depending on where you work.

Whether you're interviewing for a corporate finance role or you're trying to get into a cool young Start Up, dress accordingly! Not that you shouldn't be yourself and feel comfortable in your own personal style, but when Interviewers are meeting you for the first time over Zoom, it may be nice to show how well you'd fit into the team. Every little bit helps!

For a more formal culture, a button up collared shirt or satin blouse with a blazer would work well. For a progressive young Start Up, wear something more trendy with an edge like a funky patterned blouse.

Tip #2 Keep it modest, on top and bottom:

I know I know, no one wants to wear pants anymore. Why should we right? Ha, I wish! Although Zoom meetings and interviews are typically from the waist up, there's a proven confidence mindset that goes into getting dressed for success every day. I know personally when I'm in sweatpants or yoga pants versus jeans and a nice top, I feel much more productive and on top of my game. So yes, we strongly advise to wear something nice on the bottom for your interview, even if no one can see it.

Showing too much skin, despite gender, can make for an unprofessional first impression as well. A nice button up shirt layered with a crew neck sweater is a great option for a more conservative company culture. If you're interviewing with a more casual work culture, I think it's great to show a little edgy style with a fitted tee paired with a unique necklace.

Tip #3 Stand out with a little color:

Since Zoom meetings can make it difficult to see what someone looks like in person due to the quality of lighting and video, it's a good idea to stand out from the crowd a bit with some color or a unique accessory to make a memorable impression. Show off your personality! Wearing a little color has also proven to add a little pep in your step and bring you some natural energy.

*Bonus tip: Create a professional interior setting

Although this isn't clothing related, with my background in Interior Design, I feel I should share with you a little bonus tip on making a good impression on Zoom interviews through the background of your interior environment as well.


I know some of us don't have home offices so it's tricky to find a private place to take a call, but if possible, good lighting and a little less clutter goes a long way. Since not all rooms have great lighting, the simple and inexpensive purchase of a Ring Light goes a long way. Worth the investment, promise!


Find a place to post up with a solid wall behind you where there is artwork, a plant, or something decorative. Often times you can see the whole house behind someone's head or a crazy amount of clutter on shelves and tabletops which can be distracting. You want to make sure the Interviewer is paying attention to your responses and nothing else, so it's best to help them avoid any additional distractions!

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