What to Pack for Paris

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The city of lights is also one of the major fashion capitals of the world. Know what to pack so you can comfortably explore the city while still looking fabulous.

Parisian’s will always look put together when they leave the house, but don’t be intimidated, because we have our top tips to style you in Paris.

Paris is one of the top fashion capitals of the world, so when you’re packing for your trip, don't hold back. Dress to the nines.

1. Sophisticated and Edgy Style

Paris style is feminine and flirty, yet sophisticated and edgy. You’ll see a wide variety there since they’re so fashion forward. In order to make the most out of your clothing, pack pieces that may push your comfort zone but would still wear back home. For instance, try skinny jeans with black ankle boots, and a feminine ruffled blouse paired with a leather jacket. For guys, try a funky colored chino pant, a soft neutral v-neck t-shirt, and a tailored blazer. Mixing the sophisticated with the edgy is key!

2. Bold Accessories

When packing accessories for Paris, you can get a little bold here too! Think big gaudy sunglasses and a leopard scarf over your crisp white button down. Classy with a little bit of edge. While traveling and touring a city like Paris, it can be crowded on the subway so try bringing a cross the body purse or a stylish backpack to make walking and carrying your items a bit easier. If you have a pair of designer sunglasses or a designer purse, now would be the time to flaunt it.

3. Seasonal Suggestions

Paris is pretty mild when it comes to weather patterns and seasons. Temperatures will range from about 40 degrees in the winter, to 75 in the summer. Despite the temperature changes, we always suggest layering with a lightweight jacket or scarf.

If you’re traveling to Paris in the winter, you can introduce your fashion flare with a sleek winter coat. Try a black trench coat with a wrap tie and some leather trim. Or an extra long peacoat with a little color or pattern. If you’re traveling in the summer, a light silky tank top tucked into a high waisted flared skirt would be perfect. Remember, Paris is the city of love so dressing a little flirty will reflect the romance in the air.

4. Stylish Shoes

Paris is the fashion hub of France, which means we can’t get away with our cheap old flip flops and sneakers. Luckily, there’s versions of flips flops and sneakers out there that are still trendy. In Paris you can bring some flare and edge to the shoes you pack also. Sleek black leather ankle boots or pointed black flats will both be versatile for any outfit, and reflect the classy styles you’ll see around town. If you want to test the boundaries, try rocking some platform sandals or sneakers.

Paris is definitely a walkable city. Sometimes when you walk everywhere, you can discover the best hidden gems along the way. A nice long stroll along the Seine river is one of the most quaint and romantic things you can do. In this case, shoe comfort is key. But if you’re feet aren’t up for the challenge, a great back up plan is to take a break for a sip of espresso at any of the cafes you see along the way.

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