What to Pack for Mexico

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Dress right for the sandy beaches, amazing food and tequila tastings.

Woman by the beach

Whether you’re traveling to Mexico City or the quaint town of Tulum, we’re given you our top tips for what to pack in Mexico.

What you wear can truly reflect the feelings and confidence you feel in certain settings. That’s why we love embracing the colors of the culture you’re visiting, so can feel most connected with the locals and your surroundings.

1. Bright Colors:

Mexico is all about color! Color psychology is an entire blog post in and of itself. When you wear bright colors, you tend to feel bolder and more fun. So what should you pack for Mexico? We suggest packing bright reds, warm salmon tones, bright yellows, and bold contrasts. Packing for warm weather should reflect warm color schemes! If those colors don’t reflect well with your skin tones, pack all your bright turquoise, blues and greens for your vacation!

A colorful lightweight blouse paired with comfortable shoes and linen pants for your boat tour down the canals

2. Patterns:

Embrace your inner hippie when traveling to Mexico. Wear the patterns seen throughout the country like thin multi colored stripes, embroidery, florals, and Aztec tribal inspired geometric patterns. Don't be afraid to incorporate these looks in your suitcase with patterned lightweight shirts paired with solid shorts or vice versa. Packing for Mexico should also mean floral patterns for your flowy ruffled sun dresses.

3. Fabrics:

Since Mexico is nice and warm, what you should pack are lightweight fabrics to allow you to breath while avoiding sweat stains and wrinkling in your suitcase. What should you pack for hot weather? The best fabrics are silky polyester tank tops or blouses, cottons, and linens. Pack your cotton clothes in white or black on your trip otherwise sweat can certainly show!

4. Layers:

Weather in Mexico, especially in the cities, can be a strong mix of hot and cold. The sun can really beat down on your during the day, but the light evening ocean breeze may leave you chilly, so packing for Mexico in light layers is crucial. Pack a soft colorful shaw to wrap around an evening maxi dress, or long loose kimonos will be perfect.

A lightweight faux leather jacket and floral patterned scarf paired with a bright color blouse
Mexico City Layers

5. Our Go-To Shoes and Accessories:

Traveling anywhere means wearing comfortable shoes. Packing shoes can be tricky since there's only so much room in your suitcase, that's why we suggest staying neutral and practical. Since we’re already incorporating color in our apparel, neutral shoes will go with any color for your trip to Mexico. Pack beige cork or straw style wedge if you’re dressing up for the evening. What should you pack for vacation during the day? There may be sand in your feet while relaxing on the beach during the day, so sandals that you can easily slip on and off will work best.

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