What to Pack for London

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Whether you're there for business or hoping to catch a football match in one of the thousands of pubs that pepper the city - dress for rain or shine and be sure to mind the gap!

The city of London is one of the major hubs for fashion, so as you would expect, everyone looks fabulous pretty much all of the time. During their morning commute on the tube or strolling through the city out for a pint, be sure to dress to the nines during your visit.

Embrace the refined culture of this elegant city.

1. Raincoats

Although London is a beautiful city to explore, 75% of the year it is cold, gray and rainy. Be sure to pack a rain jacket but make sure it is stylish. We suggest black or beige trench coats in water resistant fabrics like Nylon or Polyester.

Featured Michael Kors black rain jacket with gold accents and tie around waist

2. Neutrals

London is very sophisticated in its style. Think J. Crew or Banana Republic if you want to really embrace the refined culture during your trip. A great way to capture that elegant look is to dress in neutral colors. Pair beige, tan, white, cream, and black or navy. Neutral tones allow you to mix and match your outfits easily as well!

3. Boots and Pointed Flats

Shoes are so important when you’re traveling. It can really make or break whether you’re able to venture out all day and make the most out of your trip or go back to your Airbnb early with blisters. That’s why pointed flats, riding boots and flat ankle boots are great for London. Heels are almost never practical, especially on old cobblestone streets.

4. Patterns

If you do want to throw in some color and pattern with your neutral tones, some classic patterns you’ll see in London are plaids and thick conservative stripes. These are great to pull out in scarves, jackets or tops with pops of deep blues and reds to add to the mix.

Black Chino Shorts from J Crew paired with stripes and neutral flats

5. Accessories

Big sunglasses. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s in bold black sunglasses or classic Ray Bans. Although the sun doesn’t come out much in London, sunglasses are still a great accessory to help you look and feel fabulous while strolling the streets of the city. For jewelry, we recommend delicate gold accents to complete your elegant look.

6. Dress Conservatively

Even in the summer months, it is best to avoid spaghetti straps or any vulgar bolder looks. Instead, try crew neck fitted t-shirts tucked into high waisted linen shorts or a ruffled blouse tucked into a high waisted knee length skirt.

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