What to Pack for Greece

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Be sure to stand out against the white walls of Santorini and dress up for the wild night life of Mykonos

Whether you’re flying into Athens or cruising straight into the Greek Isles, the incredible beauty, terrific food, and amazing people you’ll meet will leave a lasting impression on you forever.

Greece is a truly magical place, but its important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing to make the most of both the climate and terrain.

So here's our list of travel essentials for your trip to Greece:

A bright red maxi dress will compliment the Santorini sunsets

1. Keep it flat: Wearing fancy heels through the steep windy paths of the Greek Isles is not only impractical, it’s downright dangerous. A twisted ankle would absolutely ruin your chance to explore! Pack comfy yet stylish sandals and a few ballet flats so you can get the most out of your afternoon strolls.

2. Keep it causal: Unless you’re spending a weekend in Mykonos dancing at the clubs, Greece is a fairly casual place, with a relaxed island vibe that allows you to wear soft loose clothes. Pack some sophisticated chino shorts paired with a soft blouse and you’ll feel fabulous while still comfortable.

3. Keep it light: The most unique thing about Greece is of course, the majestic white buildings all stacked on top of one another. We love styling our customer’s in the colors that reflect the country’s culture and natural surroundings. Since Greece is all white and blues with some pops of bright color, you’ll see a lot of locals wearing just that. Embrace the local colors and pack all your brightest white attire.

4. Fabrics: The sun can really beat down on you in Greece even through the strong coastal winds. Make sure to pack lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton or chiffon that will hide the sweat and keep your suitcase wrinkle free.

5. Accessorize: Since we suggest packing clothes that are sophisticated yet casual, you can dress up your outfits with accessories. Fun vibrant beach hats, soft beautiful scarves in local patterns and motifs, and funky local sunglasses are all great additions. It’s important to protect yourself from the sun, but you can do so while still looking fabulous. Embrace all the extra gold bangle bracelets and chunky turquoise necklaces to enhance your style.

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