What to Pack for Boston

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

If you're out appreciating America's rich history on the freedom trail, catching a game a Fenway Park or just enjoying a bowl of clam chowder - look sharp among the most brilliant minds of the world.

You'll love all the rich history and charm of one of the oldest cities in America. Dress perfectly for your sailing trip along the Boston Harbor, or hop around the old Irish pubs tasting each Guinness along the way,

1. Embrace the Preppy:

Surrounded by a hub of Ivy League colleges, we suggest you pack all the vibes of J. Crew. A few collared shirts tucked into high waisted jeans, or a crew neck sweater paired with a pencil skirt. Bring a pair of Sperry’s or brown leather riding boots, depending on the season you are visiting.

2. Patterns:

For your preppy Boston style, you can tie in a few patterns for any season to enhance your style. Try thick bold stripes, polka dots, or plaid. Bust these patterns out in your trench coat, scarves or fitted crew neck shirts.

3. Colors:

Boston has a rich sophisticated style that can also be embraced with deep colors. Try rich maroons, navy blues, and forest greens paired with caramel colored browns and creams.

4. Seasonal Attire:

When we first visited Boston, it was summer and we were sweating like pigs. In order to stay cool and comfortable in the summers, pack silky blouses and Bermuda shorts or flared skirts paired with flats. The fall is perfectly cozy and quaint, and may be the best time of year to feel the magic of the old city. Think layers with scarves, boots and trench coats. If you're braving the winter months during your travels, be sure to bundle up with water proof winter boots and cashmere sweaters.

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