Adventures during COVID

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Our summer pick for remote destinations, how to travel safely, and what to wear

Since COVID-19 hit, every plan for travel that my wife and I made went out the window, and I’m sure most of you can relate. Just like the rest of the world, being cooped up at home as been trying for both of us, but the idea of traveling nowadays doesn’t come without risks and hesitation.

Needless to say, we took a chance and booked a remote getaway to stay with family in Evergreen, Colorado, less than an hour outside of downtown Denver. During our time in the airport, we took Delta which I highly recommend! They spread everyone out really well, passed out plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes, and had fresh air circulating through the plane every few minutes.

Be sure to wear your mask on the plane, throughout the airport, and during Lift rides. Take the extra wipes the airplane gave you and stash them away to wipe down your phone, purse and hands after each stop.

We stayed in Cherry Creek, Colorado for work the first two nights. Cherry Creek is an adorable area, full of incredible restaurants and bars, surrounded by gorgeous old mansions. For our time in Cherry Creek, we packed fancier outfits for warmer weather, but comfortable enough to walk around and explore the town.

Our next stop was rural Evergreen, where the elk were roaming the windy roads in full force and everywhere you looked was picturesque. At one point we even witnessed a bald eagle swoop down into a creek and snatch up a large fish from the water! We were in heaven. Our itinerary entailed relaxing at the cabin, fly fishing in the river, hiking to a glacier, and exploring the little shops and restaurants of Evergreen.

Depending on your itinerary, Gotcha Packed will send the right outfits to help you feel comfortable and look stylish for every activity you have planned.

The town of Evergreen felt like going back in time to a Western, with architecture and details straight out of a saloon. The neighborhoods, however, are nothing short of breathtaking, with stone and wood mansions surrounded by impeccable landscapes and private trails. Word on the street is Willie Nelson even lived there once!

To embody the rustic vibes of Evergreen, we packed earth tones and a variety of comfortable layers. The week we were visiting, the weather was scheduled to drop 60 degrees - from summer heat to snow! The mornings were chilly and crisp, but by mid day we were in tank tops hiking the glaciers.

For similar rural destinations and weather fluctuations like this - here’s some tips on how and what to pack:

Tip #1:

Start with a variety of lightweight tees and tanks that won’t show dirt. No white tops! They’re bound to get dirty right away if you’re traveling to a rustic setting.

Tip #2:

Bring 2-3 pairs of jeans or joggers in a variety of shades. I like packing a pair of light jeans, medium and dark/black. This way you can transition from day to night and mix and match easily. We love Madewell's jeans because they're durable and comfortable, but also because Madewell has ethical and sustainable values we can get behind. Although funky pants are cute, sometimes they’re not practical in creating different looks with limited suitcase space.

Tip #3:

Sweaters/Jackets. For this trip in particular, we definitely needed a lightweight jacket and a heavier sweater for the evenings. These items are great to throw over your tees and tank tops to transition with the weather changes. We highly recommend a Canadian brand called Terrera (formally called Leave Nothing But Footprints or LNBF). Their items are incredibly soft, with great quality at a fairly reasonable price. Check out their highlight hoodie and cardigan below.

Tip #4:

Comfortable shoes you can get dirty in. I packed a new pair of Merrell hiking boots since I knew we would be hiking the glacier. Although hiking boots can be pricey and may feel like something you only wear twice a year, it’s worth it not to slip and sprain an ankle. Nowadays there are plenty of hiking boots that are stylish enough to take camping and even trek around the city.

During these COVID times, hope for travel isn't totally lost. Yes it's not quite the same, but rural weekend getaways, whether you fly or drive, is worth it. A little break and a little self love is what we all need nowadays.

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