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What We Do

Gotcha Packed takes all the stress out of packing and replaces it with the excitement of looking great on your next adventure.


We do all the research to assess what is appropriate to wear based on the terrain, weather, culture, activities, and of course - what is in style for that location. 


We not only want you to look great on your trip, but we want you to feel good about what you're wearing. That's why we try our best to source from sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade, socially responsible companies. You can travel easy knowing you're a part of this positive change. 

Look Great Every Step of the Way

Packed Luggage

How it Works


Tell us about your trip! Where you're going, when you'll be there and what you'll be doing. 


Tell us about you! Create a style profile based on our questionnaire.


Our stylists will hand select outfits specific to your trip & style profile for a one time $50 fee, then ship them straight to your door.


Once you've received your order - try on your looks before you leave for your trip! Pay for the items you love and return the ones you don't. 


Enjoy looking great every step of the way on your next adventure!

About Us

Gotcha Packed was inspired by Chelsea's wife who loves to travel but hates to pack. She noticed this was a common theme with other people in her life - they get excited for a getaway but often have little time and energy when it comes to packing.

That's when Gotcha Packed was born. 

Gotcha Packed couples the passion for traveling & fashion with a sincere desire to source ethically made products. That's why we only sell merchandise that we are proud to endorse (and would buy ourselves). 

We love the idea of helping people feel confident and amazing while they're relaxing and exploring a new destination!