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We'll hand select sustainable, fair trade, and charitable brands to create the best outfits for you, designed for your destination or everyday needs. 


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Your outfits will be delivered straight to your door!  Pay for what you want to keep and send back the rest within 7 days. It's that easy.

We believe in being conscious consumers and knowing where your products come from.

We use carbon neutral delivery along with biodegradable and recyclable shipping supplies. We're proud to partner with women & minority owned brands, charitable, fair trade, and eco-friendly practices. 


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"Knowing they use sustainable and women-owned companies made it even better."

—  Allison, Spain

Our Mission

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We believe feeling comfortable and confident affects how well you enjoy life's most important moments. Our personal style helps us to express ourselves, celebrate our differences, and ultimately empower us. 

That’s what we’re here for. We want to get you styled for new experiences so that you are free to make the most out of your time. 


The driving force behind our style selections are the small business owners and artisans who create the unique items we source. Partnering with eco-friendly, fair trade, socially responsible brands, you can dress for the occasion knowing you're a part of this positive change. 

Meet the Founder


Hi. I’m Chelsea. You know when all your stuff is laid out on the bed trying to figure out the perfect look for your exciting event? That is my happy place. It’s a canvas, made up of colors and textures I’ve spent my whole life amassing. 


While serving with the Peace Corps in West Africa, I loved working with local tailors and vibrant fabric patterns to create unique styles and designs. I also loved the Peace Corps incentive to work with locals on improving and supporting their small business ventures. 


Fast forward a few years, I noticed a trend with people in my life who loved to travel - they totally hated packing. They stress about what to wear, rarely have the time and energy, then end up throwing together flip flops and yoga pants. That's why Gotcha Packed was born. 


This was a problem I knew I could solve, and I realized helping people get ready for life's biggest moments expanded past traveling into everyday needs. I'm on a mission to help people feel better about themselves through the confidence a good outfit can provide. I also want to help spread awareness about the importance of where our clothes come from and how we can make the world a little better by supporting ethical brands and positive initiatives. Join me.


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