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Phone:  513-999-9740    Email:  support@gotchapacked.com

Mail to: 187 Pavilion Pkwy #169, Newport, KY 41071

Est. 2019

Look great for your next getaway. 

Ethically sourced. Sustainably made. Socially conscious. Charitable brands. 


How it Works

Tell us about your trip and style

Create a style profile that lets us know when and where you're going and what you'll be doing while you're there!


We'll get to work 


Our Stylists hand select outfits specific to your trip for a one time $25 styling fee. We'll do all the research on what you'll need while you're away. 


Pack it up and take off


Your curated package arrives straight to your door! Try on your looks before you leave, pay for the items you want and return the ones you don't. Enjoy looking great during your stay!



Our Mission

We believe that traveling changes your life. Our travels give us a different perspective that celebrate our differences while ultimately empowering ourselves at the same time.

This is also how we feel about style. Loving the way you look reflects how well you relax and enjoy your time away. And that’s what we’re here for. We want to get you packed for a new experience so that you are free to make the most out of your trip. 


Part of feeling good about what you’re wearing is knowing where it came from. That's why we aim to source from eco-friendly, fair trade, socially responsible companies. You can travel easy knowing you're a part of this positive change. 

Meet the Founder


Hi. I’m Chelsea. You know when all your stuff is laid out on the bed before you pack it for a trip? That is my happy place. It’s a canvas, made up of colors and textures I’ve spent my whole life amassing. 


While serving with the Peace Corps in West Africa 6 years ago, I loved working with local tailors and vibrant fabric patterns to create unique styles and designs. I also loved the Peace Corps incentive to work with locals on improving and supporting their small business ventures. 


Fast forward a few years, I started noticing a trend with people in my life who love to travel - when it comes to packing, they totally hate it. They stress about what to wear, rarely have the time and energy, then end up throwing together flip flops and yoga pants. 

Sound familiar?


This was a problem I knew I could solve. That's when Gotcha Packed was born.